Digital fundraising

Our virtual balloon race system, is 100% eco-friendly & great fun! It will raise money; help with community outreach and significantly grow your electronic database thereby reducing future communication costs.

Commercial clients using the Rentaballoonrace platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Citizenship are growing too. They see CSR as a way of giving back to the community.

Marriott Hotels gave their monies to the Princes Trust, Sodexo, a global French company serviced their own famine relief charity and Nationwide Bank favoured the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Alternatively, we can work with a myriad of smaller corporates all in one go - our electronic brochures make it ridiculously simple

retail consultancy

Mike Phillips, an MBA graduate of Manchester Business School, leads a small team of associates with a wide range of retail skills. He is an ex director of both PricewaterhouseCoopers, Centre of Retail Excellence in Utrecht, Holland and KPMG, the latter role as Head of Retail in the UK’s BAS Division. Recently Mike was invited to Paris by the French Government to discuss the opportunities for the French bookshop industry to stave off mass bankruptcy in the wake of the Amazon onslaught.

See article in Bolton Evening News

Purepages Retail has just completed the analysis and turnaround marketing plan and strategy for a mid-size chain of DIY stores. Some other relevant retail work:

  • Category management at Sainsbury’s
  • Turnaround strategy for Cotswold Outdoor
  • Award winning regional manager with B&Q
  • Supply chain analysis for Bon Marche fashions
  • Branding for American Tools, Copenhagen
  • Brand sales training for K2 Skis of the USA


Digital marketing has now moved way beyond just emails and websites. Social Media, tablets and smart phones are increasingly the battleground for brand sales and we’re experts at producing mobile responsive sites for consumer or client inbound marketing.

But whilst digital is now clearly the primary driver of company marketing, other segments of the marketing mix are still important too. They include Public Relations (PR) , Integrated Brand Communications (IMC) and marketing strategy and planning - all strengths within the retail practice.

demand generation

Our highly rated electronic brochures offer easy and low-cost ways to generate demand for your fund raising proposition. Our approach looks at the complete customer journey - profiles, decision making processes, for example, in order to create a truly compelling offer.

content strategy

Knowing what 'hooks' or magnets' appeal to your supporter community is at the heart of great web content. Customer insights translate to a buyer-centric content strategy that crosses all formats, channels and voices across each stage of the buyer’s journey.

experiential sales advice

The sales and marketing technology landscape becomes more complex and confusing each day. Which Social Media platforms will work best for you? Our marketing technology practice can help you make sense of the tools, systems and sequences that are ideal for your organisation and culture.

marketing technology advances

Our work in the digital marketing sector extends over eleven years, creating experience that is invaluable in understanding exactly which technology pathways are more future proof than others.